The autumn session has begun with the strike of exams proclaimed by the Movement for the Dignity of University Examination.
We remind you that:
Not only the signatories but all professors and university researchers can participate in the strike: Those signatures were indicating a willingness to support the initiative and participation, they have no formal implications on whether or not there will be the exam.
Professors and researchers who are proclaimed to strike are not obliged to communicate to anyone beforehand the will to strike, so they are not obliged to communicate it to either the students or the rector. They only have to report the abstention from the examination to the MIUR and to the promoters of the strike afterwards. You can contact your professors directly to ask if they will join the strike, but they will not be obliged to answer you. The strike concerns only the first call of the session: it will be guaranteed an extraordinary exam for courses with only one exam in this session. However, for undergraduates it will be guaranteed the opportunity to graduate in this session. Poli is constantly working for to find the most appropriate ways to minimize the disadvantages for undergraduates. 
In case that your teacher does not attend the classroom on the scheduled date for an ordinary exam, please send an email to the Presidency of your school:  [email protected] (IngIndInf); [email protected] (AUIC); [email protected] (ICAT); [email protected] (Design).
Unless explicit and unmistakable directions from your teachers present yourself in the classroom for the planned date of the exam.
We are in constant contact with the Politecnico for to follow the situation and try to manage in the best way the discomfort created by the strike. Therefore we invite you to point out some inconveniences that might affect you so that we can bring them quickly to the attention of the University.
The strike could be revoked at any time during its course: If this happens, we will inform you immediately.
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