Unfortunately this is not a joke, since the next academic year (2017/2018) there will be a relevant increase in the taxes.

Specifically, the update doesn't deal with all the students. The changes are:

1) The first instalment which amounted to € 883,58 for the bachelor and € 845,58 for the master will be of the same amount for everybody € 883,58.

2) Taxes for the 9th and 10th bands will increase of nearly € 100 for students in the 9th band and € 250 for students in the 10th.

The reason for this relevant increase is linked to two important italian events: the stability pact and a reduction of regional financing.

About the topic:

Clearly taxes increase is not the only possible solution. It may be the right moment for reasoning on a rationalization of the expenses or investing in a more strategic way. The theme is just developing during these days, please give us your opinion on the topic by writing at [email protected].