We share a summary of the latest activities of the boards, prepared by ours Carlo and Alessandro.

In the last sessions of the Academic Senate:

The 2019/2020 international mobility call was approved, without any substantial change compared to the previous year if not the addition of one optimization in the rankings: there was indeed the inclusion of a further ranking of "repositioning" to which you must apply to participate in July and It is published in September, with the aim of reducing the number of places left empty.

In addition, the call for tutoring activities was also approved.

New agreement for three new master's degree programs have also been approved.: Master's Degree in Cyber ​​Risk, Strategy and Governance (Class LM-91), Master's Degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics (class LM-8) and Single-cycle Master's Degree in Medicine and Surgery - Class LM-41 with integrated path of Biomedical Engineering (Classes L / 8 and L / 9), with the release of the title with Bocconi, Statale and Humanitas universities respectively.  These new courses will take effect from next academic year, in collaboration with other universities. 

The new 2019/2020 course manifestos were also approved, they include in master's degrees at least 3 courses taught in Italian, due to the MIUR note 11/07/2018 and the CUN opinion 23/10/2018.  Moreover they introduced an additional block of lessons with innovative teaching, and we decide that the course of study of Music and Acoustic Engineering will be distributed exclusively at the Cremona office.  The Councils of the Course of Physical and Management Engineering Studies have made changes in the their manifestos, as budgeted in the past few  years.  The AUIC school has opened some new routes in Italian on the Milan office Leonardo. 

The evaluation team report was presented, which also includes students questionnaires made during the last academic year, who are previously examined by Commissione Paritetica in the school and study courses to draw the appropriate considerations from our reports.

Three new professors were nominated “emeriti” for their honorable job: Sergio Bittanti, Roberto Camagni and Sergio Cerutti.

We also approved the new TOL , as we said in previous months. We tried to apply a better type of learning that can help both teachers and students, knowing by July how many students will enter with the cohorts of the following year.

Infact from this year: for the test in the fourth year everything will remain as it is now, allowing access to the chosen course if you exceed with more than 60the TOL. But in the fifth year, there will be rankings to access the courses, guaranteeing access to one of the University's courses and holding the best grade of the 3 possible attempts to take the test. At the end of the rankings also those who have the OFA could take access to university in eventually free places. There will be no finally test in September.

About this, it was decided the number programmed for the three-year engineering degrees, from next year, there will be a prefixed number of students who can matriculate, focusing on historical considerations of the flows of students and the availability of spaces, and also on considerations of resources and employability. Specifically, next year the programmed number of Industrial and Information Engineering, the largest of Engineering schools, will increase by 550 places compared to the number of matriculations of the current academic year. 


In December was held Commissione Permanente Studentii, where a lot of important topics was introduced:

It was announced that the next university student elections in the month of may be held in seats with computer support. There will be 15 total seats across all campuses (more than before) and students  can go to one of them to vote. 

The discussion of funds for students' cultural, social and sporting initiatives has been approved for the relative call. 

The activities of POLIMI SPORT were submitted by the delegate of the rector, presenting a request for funding for the call. The activities offered are POLIMIRUN as always, the tournaments of study courses & residencies and the new activities of Running@Giuriati. It is also approved the request presented by our representative Carlo for the purchase of a new volleyball net for the gymnasium of the Student's House, the poles to install it and two new volleyball balls, all of which are regulated by the race, so as to obtain a better performance in the Polimi championships. 

approximately € 35k were weared on the Call for cultural and sporting activities. The Rector proposes to the student representatives to use a part of the fund for the POLIMI WINTER GALA, as a social activity for the students. So we allocate € 10k of these funds to finance the event.

We also discussed the costs of the AUIC School by bringing the results of the questionnaire that had been submitted to the students of the School during the last spring by the representatives. There will be improvements about Poliprint services both the  existing ones and new ones, such as laser printing and modeling material, and on a review of the teaching requirements of teachers, through the school, with the aim of listing costs for the student (for example, reviews on interactive whiteboards rather than on paper or printing on reduced sizes). 

We told about the problem of cafeteria queues.  The administration, talking with us student representatives, announced that the following measures will be implemented to improve the canteen service: 

    • An automatic cash point will be installed at the Leonardo Bar.
    • Prepaid cards will be issued for the various menus in the canteen, with a free menu every 10.
    • A box will be installed for suggestions and feedback in each room.
    • In the complete menu of the canteen it will be possible to replace the water with a yogurt or a fruit.
    • The canteen in La Masa will be improved, during the summer, by soundproofing the study room below and expanding the kitchens so as to improve the service.
    • The work for to improve the service on the Durando campus will proceed.
    • Within the month of March, it will be possible to take advantage of current prices only with the Politecnico's card. For other customers the highest prices of 20%. This with the aim of favoring the students of the University, discouraging the use of outdoor cafeterias and reducing queues.

    An extension of the spaces dedicated to PoliPSI, which today is at building 22 on the ground floor, has been planned. And also the construction of new offices for students, so as to fully exploit the potential of the service, targeted at students.This addition will partially cut the waiting area of ​​the secretariat on the ground floor of building 22, removing 20 seats. 

    In addition,they planned interventions  to obtain new study spaces and improve the current ones, using the University spaces also in a multi-purpose manner. News will follow in the coming months. 

    It was finally decided to carry out an experimentation in the new space Agorà of the students in building 11, available indicatively from March: there will be new electrified lockers as the  most modern university campuses has already started to use, which will make it possible to manage time (even for shorter times) and solve the long-standing problem of students who do not free the lockers. 


    For more information, clarifications or questions we are available. If you are particularly interested in some topic, do not hesitate to write to us. 

    Thanks for reading, to hear from you soon. Good luck for the next exams! 

    Carlo (carlo.giovani@svoltastudenti.it) and Alessandro (alessando.deiasio@svoltastudenti.it) 

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