Since January the First 2018 the theft insurance policy has been activated inside the Politecnico.
The cost of 13 Euros per student will be annual and included in the university tuition. Another step in favour of the students’ security has been made.
The Insurance Company will be located within an area of the student office on Via Golgi, where it will be possible to report for any stolen object, filing an insurance claim, and receive information about the insurance coverage. Payment of compensation will be carried out only previous delivery of receipt/invoice attached to the requested documentation, as for any warranty request. 
Students opening a file with the Insurance are required to notify the University, by sending an email to [email protected]
Until the opening of the Insurance Company service point on campus, students are able to file insurance claims (attaching the theft report form previously presented to the Police authority), even via email, at Compagnia Generali Italia s.p.a.:
Generali Italia S.p.A
Agenzia Milano 563
Via Francesco Tamagno, 5
20124 Milano
Tel 02/29526679
Fax 02/29510665
Mail: [email protected]