The project for the reorganization for the campuses of the Politecnico was presented last Monday during the academic senate. The works will be quite complex and will re-design the Città Studi campus, apart from re-defining the La Masa campus. Specifically we are talking about two macro projects: the one called “Renzo Piano” (of which we’ll put the render at the end) and the work brought forward by the Vice Rector Emilio Faroldi with the project ViVi.Polimi.


Let’s analyze both of them into detail, starting from the first.

The works in the Bonardi campus try to improve the spaces’ quality and they started from some batches gifted by Renzo Piano (http://cm.alumni.polimi.it/news/un-nuovo-look-per-il-campus-di-via-bonardi/).


They’ll officially start during June 2018, with the setting up for the buildings.

Initially the officina mauro will be demolished and then the tender, where there will be installed the air conditioning. Thereby the submarine will be demolished, to start building the new B building in october.
Instead of the tender there will be installed fire escapes for the Trifoglio, of which every room will be renovated apart from one, to put them to norm. The whole building will be adequated and will stay closed for the next academic year.
At the -1 floor, instead of the ABC department you’ll find a new studying area. In June the outer part of the Nave will be renovated and the renovation of the building 12 will be completed at the end of November 2018.

Therefore the new buildings which will be constructed are:
- The A building, deadline April 2020. I twill host the new modeling workshop and will be on two floors. The upper quote will be 1,20 m over the street and there will be a new balcony.
- The B building, instead of the submarine, i twill be composed of 5 floors and one basement. 5 new labs with a capacity of 640 students.
- The C building, will be monofloor with a balcony. There will be study classroom and normal ones, to be finished before April 2020.
Finally trees will be planted instead of the place between Trifoglio and Nave.
Due to the work set up all the accesses will be revised, the work will be finished by 2020.

Also the ViVi.Polimi project was presented, that tryed to improve the already existing spaces in the Città Studi and La Masa campuses.

In Leonardo there will be some operations, of which the first three already organized:
• The new Building 11 will host an Agorà of the students, to create more space. It will improve the capacity by 130-150.
• The lighting system of the buildings on the Leonardo da Vinci’s Square will be revised and of the whole campus.
• Improve the quality of the green areas, by removing some parkings, creating 120 places to study covered in the garden.
 Professors’ space, with the costruction of a building over the aquarium.
Pedestarian via Pascal, subject to other projects.

In the La Masa campus there will be the creation of:
Professors’ space in Bovisa, in the empty floor BL 28.
• The entries to the campus will be defined to make the 3 entries easier to recognize.
• A students’ hill instead of the eliportp, with an inter magazine of 1200 m2 of styding zones and places to eat and socialize.
Also the creation of an events’ square outside, in front of the hill.
• Installation of seats and porches in the pedestarians avenue.

The works will be quite invasive, but we’re happy that the administration resolved and proposed so many solutions and purposes. We hope that the new Politecnico that waits for us will pay back for the wait and the patience that it will require.
If anyone wants further details or to see some documents you’re welcome to contact us.

Carlo Giovani
Rappresentante nel Senato Accademico
[email protected]