Libraries changes in Leonardo Campus – Here what's happening

Since the first weeks of this new academic year, the reorganization of the library system of the Milan Leonardo Campus has become noticeable. These operations had been decided before we were elected, and the manager was immediately transferred to another university. Therefore it was difficult also for us to understand the whole change.
On Thursday afternoon one of our representatives, Alessandro De Iasio, met the new manager Chiara Pesenti and ask for clarifications. Below what she said. 
The goal was to group the library services to optimize costs. For this purpose, the BCL (Biblioteca Centrale Leonardo) has been created, which has collected the books of the entire Leonardo area. In parallel, the chemistry library has been transformed into a space for PhD students, the architecture library has become the new BCL and the engineering library spaces will be used for museum purposes. The math library will become a study room until the date of its dismission, scheduled for next April. This last one will be equipped with tables with plug-in connection on both levels, with a significant increase of the number seats due to the no longer present bookshelves. We are asking the management for compatible opening hours with the needs of the students  in view of the next exam period. It will probably open next Monday.
An exception is made for the nuclear library, which has not been closed for organizational reasons and incompatibility between campuses. The part of 'energy' is in fact in Bovisa and therefore it’s books are preferred to be left in Leonardo part.
The new BCL also has also 40 more ground-level seats with plug-in connection. We have also been informed of a floor improvement plan in the basement, based on the initial Giò Ponti’s project. The maintenance work will be carried out in accordance with the needs of the students, by trying not to close the library for too long. We also asked for an optimization of the building's air-conditioning and heating system.
We are coordinating with the other student lists as well for improvement and implementation of study spaces at the university. There will be updates soon and thanks for reading.