June-July 2018 Professors’ strike

Dear fellows,


we write this article about the professors and researchers’ strike, expected in the incoming summer exam session (during June and July 2018), for informative purposes. 
As many of you may know, this is the second strike of this type happening in the last years, after last September makeup exam session.


As it has been done last September, a strike proclamation letter has been written and signed by 6857 professors, university researchers and research organizations researchers, 132 of which belonging to our University. Based on what’s written on the letter, annex to this article, the strike will be carried out by the abstention of the participant professors and researchers from the first exam date of the next session, whereas the following one will be carried out regularly.

Furthermore, the participant to the strike will be willing to set up an exceptional exam date on a day following the strike, indicatively after seven days, for Majorings and Erasmus students, where this wouldn’t be the last eligible to graduate or for fulfillments of the Erasmus program.
For other information and to read the list of signing professors we invite you to open the letter at the end of this article. Last, we’d like to point out that if a professor has signed the letter, that does not confirm that he/she will strike, and vice versa.

Lastly exams with 5 attempts in a year (generally all the ones in 3I school), will be prosponed within 14 days from the exam for all students, after the decision of the Commissione di Garanzia of 13th of April. This won't be warranted for exams with mote than 5 attempts a year.


We are in contact with the administration to minimize the problems for students. There is a lot of attention on critical situations (graduations, Erasmus students and DSU candidates).


This is the truth of the matter and professors will be free to operate following the modality they will consider most fair. Without criticize the reasons behind the strike, we criticize (another time) how this has been carried out. 
The summer exam session is fundamental for all students and we disagree with how this has been set up.

We solicit you to report your particular case of discomfort.
We will keep you informed.


Alessandro ([email protected]) and Carlo ([email protected])