Hello everyone. Here we are at the beginning of our representation experience. We would like to start these monthly updates with the meetings of the Academic Senate, the Board of Directors and the Didactics Council. For this first time, we will talk about things approved in the last 3 months.

We hope that this set of articles will clarify the ideas of you readers also about the topics talked in the Politecnico's central organs.

Let’s begin with the Academic Senate meeting of September 2017 where the new University site was showed, aiming to facilitating communication and legibility for users, through improved graphics and addition of "story telling".

The aim is to improve the students’ contentment, which now is rated with seven out of ten points. Social media will also be better integrated.

The launch will consist of:

  • homepage update (February 28, 2018);
  • second levels upgrade (June 30, 2018);
  • Poliorientami and international websites absorption (end of the 2018);
  • creation of new sites for departments (on request), schools and campuses (2019).

Test groups from students will be created for controlling the optimization of sites.

It has been voted and approved the change in the publication of the didactic evaluations found on the personal page of each professor and it’s determined by the students with the last question of the questionnaires we compile. Rather than being expressed through the bands of judgments, they will be published in the form of a numeric average, approximate to the first decimal place.

This has been asked for a long time by the representatives and we finally managed to get it.

Beyond that, during the Academic Senate meeting in July 2017, the minimum threshold of entrance tests for architecture students from countries outside the European Union was eliminated, as set out in the ministerial reference directive.

On the meetings of the Board of Directors in September 2017, the call for 40 theses abroad and the 150-hour call for three-year and single-cycle graduates were announced. The latter allows students to carry out paid jobs within the Politecnico for a total of 150 hours per year.

At the June 2017 meeting, it has been emphasized the approval of scholarships for sports merits, funded for 50,000 € from the "Fund for Merit" and integrated for about 50,000 € additional from PolimiRun 2017.

Finally, we would like to talk about the latest upgrades of the Didactics Council. In June 2017, the topic of innovative teaching and the introduction of anti-plagiarism software for master thesis was discussed. These topics have then been talked in School’ and Course’s Councils.

So that’s it for the first update on our meetings.

We hope you may find it useful and don’t hesitate to contact us for clarifications or opinions.


Alessandro and Carlo