Working as a students’ representative is the easiest  way to effectively give your contribution to the development of our University!

Svoltastudenti was born from the bottom; It’s a thrilling impulse, not related to any political party, supported and taken step by step to higher levels directly by students. We’ll concentrate in building a better future inspired by innovative, positive & frank ideas in matter of didactics and administration ; we’ll give freshness to University life and strength to students’ interaction. 

The impact on University students has been excellent and has led our list, in these seven years, to the great result of having representatives in all Schools, the Academic Senate and the Board Council; furthermore, at national level, we are present with a representative who is member of the CNSU (within the network Unilab-Svoltastudenti). Thanks for supporting us as your mouthpieces!

SvoltaStudenti: For a better university

who we are

A group of Students, different one from another in any shadow of competence or belief (schooling, environmental background, political ideas, ideals etcetera…): this mixture represents our force, the extraordinarily innovative & dynamic approach to Students’ life at Politecnico, which was and it is actually held by politically imprinted associations whose work is far from targeting the majority of Politecnico’s students.

political role

If our political role is meant to be described as our will to improve students’ Uni Life and, in general, their way of experiencing it, then yes, we have this political task.

In this context, Svoltastudenti proposes itself as an alternative promoted directly by students.


Our mission is to foster an open minded relationship amongst students, aiming to enhance what are, in our beliefs, the most important catalysts to the development of successful projects in terms of Uni-life wealth and didactics : meritocracy and internationalisation.

Svoltastudenti is the answer to the lack of university representatives for those who don’t share the pre-existing ideology linked to other Politecnico’s associations.

Student Representation

The Senato Accademico and the Consiglio d'Amministrazione are the organs that directly supervise the overall functioning of the institution and program the development of the entire university with particular regard to didactics and research.

Each school is controlled by a council , presided over by the Dean and composed by Directors of Departments , Coordinators of Study Programmes and two or five students’ representatives. The joint committees of each school belong to the Board and their task is to monitor the quality of didactics and services offered to students as well as determining establishments and closures of courses of study; they are composed of 5 teachers and 5 students’ representatives ( including representatives from the council).

The Study Course Council (acronym CCS) includes all the teachers that hold classes in the same study course and the representatives elected by the students. The CCS has to take important decisions related to the study course : admission to master courses requirements , prerequisites, student/teacher relationship, etcetera…

the university we want


In addition to outbound opportunities , our aim is to have an international university with an excellent level of education and greater cultural integration of international students .


We create a network of active students who live daily University , giving them incentives and resources to share ideas , develop projects , suggest solutions , entertain and train other students.

didactics and innovation

University conceived as a catalyst of extraction of talents and inclinations from students through multi-disciplinary instruments and not merely seen as a supply of technical knowledge.

campus & sport

Un'università sempre disponibile da "abitare" come sono le migiori università straniere, soprattutto nel nord Europa. Vogliamo un Politecnico pieno di gruppi studenteschi e spazi per le loro attività: una design factory, spazi per la socializzazione e strutture autogestite dagli studenti oltre le lezioni. Lo sport per unire e stimolare gli studenti.


Polytechnic seen as a laboratory of ideas involved in building great architects , designers and engineers through the interaction between students, university and companies.

meritocracy and right to study

The recognition and promotion of merit, motivating students to work for their final goal and to express themselves for the best educational experience possible.

your representatives

The last students' elections at PoliMi took place on May 24th and 25th, 2017; the elections were held to elect students’ representatives in the Politecnico’s organs for the biennium 2017/2019! Despite the generally low turnout last time it increased by 60%.

With one senator, one member of the board and 6 representatives elected in the schools we are well participating in the Students’ Council. One of our central organs representatives in now the President of Student's Council. We are part of the network Unilab Svoltastudenti.

Thank you for letting us represent you! Here is the list of all our elected officials.
Central organs
  • Carlo Giovani, Senato Accademico
  • Alessandro De Iasio, Consiglio di Amministrazione, Presidente del Consiglio degli Studenti
Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction Engineering
  • Manuela Taurino, Rappresentante in Giunta e in Paritetica di Scuola
  • Martina BianconciniProgettazione dell’Architettura, Rappresentante nel Comitato Unico di Garanzia (C.U.G.)
  • Doga BitikProgettazione dell’Architettura
  • Marcello CadorinProgettazione dell’Architettura
  • Nicla D'Argento, Progettazione dell’Architettura
  • Ali AkramArchitettura Sostenibile e Progetto del Paesaggio (PC)
  • Hana MekicProgettazione Architettonica
  • Ekin MengusogluProgettazione Architettonica
  • Carlomina BesadaIngegneria Edile-Architettura (LC)
  • Martha CaramiaIngegneria Edile-Architettura (LC)
  • Giusi CavallaroIngegneria Edile-Architettura (LC)
  • Matteo Vitelli, Ingegneria Edile e delle Costruzioni
  • Manuela Taurino, Ingegneria e Tecniche per l'Edilizia e l'Architettura
  • Bisma Asif, Urbanistica
  • Nina Romanova, Urbanistica
  • Federico Nunziata, Design degli Interni, Rappresentante in Paritetica e Giunta di Scuola
  • Andrea Pusineri, Design degli Interni, Rappresentante in Paritetica di Scuola
  • Federico Nunziata, Design degli Interni
Civil, Environmental and Land Management Engineering
  • Mattia Bernacchi, Ingegneria Civile, Rappresentante e Vicepresidente della Paritetica di Scuola
  • Matteo Parpanesi, Ingegneria Civile
  • Camilla Stefanelli, Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale (LC)
  • Boban Zhivkovikj, Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale (LC)
Industrial and Information Engineering
  • Mohamed Abouzahra, Rappresentante in Giunta e Paritetica di Scuola
  • Cristian Murrieri, Rappresentante in Giunta e Paritetica di Scuola
  • Gianmarco Guinderi, Ingegneria dell'Automazione
  • Cristiana Filomena, Ingegneria Biomedica
  • Gabriella Mannara, Ingegneria Biomedica
  • Andrea Della Libera, Ingegneria Chimica, Rappresentante nel Comitato Sportivo Universitario
  • Marina Sanna, Ingegneria Chimica
  • Juan Cols, Ingegneria Elettronica
  • Lorenzo Rossi, Ingegneria Elettronica
  • Giacomo Tombolan, Ingegneria Elettronica
  • Francesco Cruz, Ingegneria Energetica
  • Piervito Biondo, Ingegneria Gestionale
  • Pietro Di Sarno, Ingegneria Gestionale
  • Naveed Iqbal, Ingegneria Gestionale
  • Cristian Murrieri, Ingegneria Gestionale
  • Davide Gargano, Ingegneria Informatica
  • Federico Gatti, Ingegneria Informatica
  • Eugenio Ostrovan, Ingegneria Informatica
  • Paolo Pavlu, Ingegneria Informatica 
  • Davide Savoldelli, Ingegneria Informatica
  • Carlo Vitellio, Ingegneria Matematica
  • Mohamed Abouzahra, Ingegneria Meccanica
  • Riccardo Boroni, Ingegneria Meccanica
  • Bilal Sahi, Ingegneria Meccanica
  • Matteo Borin, Ingegneria della Produzione Industriale (LC)
  • Francesco Morici, Ingegneria della Produzione Industriale (LC)
  • Saswati Mitra, Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni
  • Majeed Uruge, Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni
  • Elisa Grassotti, Lecco Campus
  • Omaima Labaz, Como Campus
  • Fabio Campagnoli, Cremona Campus