Polimi's students' union

A no-profit association that distinguishes itself for being meritocratic, in love with creative ideas and always supporting equal opportunities.

Svoltastudenti is the first Italian non-profit student association to reflect the Anglo-Saxon model of the Students' Union and representing students with no political party or religious group behind its back. Non-religious, not bounded to political parties and multicultural.

Born in 2008 in order to let all students participate in the process of building a better University life for our future. Created by students for students, offering courses, sports, travels, supporting cultural growth, fostering inter-university mobility and ensuring, through Student Representation, efficient and high quality offered courses.


Our aim is to create and offer growth-opportunities to students, support culture and accomplish our goals in terms of projects. We are driven and pushed to higher levels of dedication by our values:  meritocracy, internationalisation, equal opportunities.



equal opportunities

what we do


Oriented to students, to the services addressed to them and the mobilisation of university life.


The chance to get involved and show competence and skills, share life experiences and participate in activities seeking cultural growth.


Thrilling experiences in front us: adrenaline based activities such as rafting, paintball, soft air and fly experience. Development of teamwork in sports tournaments.


We started traveling to European capitals and the most beautiful Italian regions , but the most famous and repeated event is the snow-week in Bardonecchia : 5 crazy days of fun & skiing!

Our activities

University beyond classes

We believe in an university that puts itself beyond the simple classes offering; our target is an university where students can get directly involved and show their skills in a creative and efficient way. This is why, over these last years, we have worked together with several prestigious global companies such as Bloomberg and CapGemini, as well as organizing courses, workshops and seminars oriented to all Politecnico’s students.

svolta adventure

We believe sport is meant to be a fundamental step for students’ lives ; furthermore, intense emotions and new experiences always thrill us. Svoltastudenti has offered a large amount of sports activities for years, ranging from classic soccer and volleyball tournaments to the most adrenaline-fueled experiences such as FlyExperience or Rafting.

Ready to sail with us for a beautiful adventure?

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