Nuovo Calendario Accademico

Il 16 Aprile scorso si è riunito il Senato Accademico e uno dei punti all'ordine del giorno riguardava l’approvazione del Calendario Accademico del prossimo anno.
L'iter che ha preceduto la decisione di oggi è stato lungo e ha visto vari passaggi.
Le Istituzioni dell'Ateneo e i Rappresentanti degli studenti di tutte le liste hanno iniziato a confrontarsi sul tema alcune settimane prima.

Progressive tests: upcoming changes in the next year.

Because of the changes to the academic calendar, a hot topics of the latest months has been how to update the midterm exams, in order to reframe them in a more effective way that still complies the new general guidelines.


New Taxes 2017

Unfortunately this is not a joke, since the next academic year (2017/2018) there will be a relevant increase in the taxes.

Specifically, the update doesn't deal with all the students. The changes are:

1) The first instalment which amounted to € 883,58 for the bachelor and € 845,58 for the master will be of the same amount for everybody € 883,58.

2) Taxes for the 9th and 10th bands will increase of nearly € 100 for students in the 9th band and € 250 for students in the 10th.


Academic Calendar: The Final Chapter

The most discussed topic of these weeks at Politecnico, has been by far the upcoming changes of the Academic Calendar for the year 2017/2018. Since the very first introduction by the Dean, prof. Lozza, to now, students' representatives, supported by many professors, have reached the goal of developing some changes which would simplify students' lives while keeping the original objectives of the new calendar.

The path towards a modern University

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